The Kentucky Music Ensemble

The Kentucky Music Ensemble



The Kentucky Music Ensemble of Centre College was founded in 2007 by Nathan Link, with the goal of exploring and performing the music of the American South, from the earliest Appalachian ballads, to bluegrass songs, to today’s contemporary pieces grounded in those musical roots. In the ensuing years, the ensemble has performed throughout the region and toured internationally, to much acclaim. The group recorded and released its debut CD in 2011 under the name “MP,” and in 2013, the group toured New Zealand. In 2015, the Kentucky Arts Commission bestowed the Governor’s Award in Arts to Nathan Link for his work with the group. More recent tours include a week in Yamaguchi, Japan, in 2016 as part of a cultural exchange, and a tour of the New England Region of the United States. In 2020, the ensemble will be traveling to Ireland for a two-week tour, to be followed by performances in Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, and France.




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